Virtual Cross Connects – VXC

Does your Enterprise need access to cloud connections on demand. Now you can gain up to 1 Gbps connectivity speed to providers such as Microsoft Azure, AWS, Google Cloud and more via VXC’s.

What is a Virtual Cross Connect

A virtual cross connect allows your enterprise to connect to other cloud services providers on demand without the need to implement expensive new data connections within your data centre. Virtual cross connects are the latest in cloud technologies that allows enterprises access to multiple cloud providers on demand when they need it.

How does a VXC help my Enterprise

With a VXC you can spin up an instant cloud connection to service providers such as Microsoft Azure, AWS, Google Cloud and many more. Connect to your cloud provider of choice, transfer data, migrate services and then shut down the connection when finished or when its not being utilized. Alternatively you have the option to create a more permanent connection between cloud environments.

VXC’s are all about on demand connections when you need them, there are no lock-in contracts and you only pay for the time that your VXC is live.

Connections can be established any time and generally within minutes!



How VXC works

As a Megaport partner we use the Megaport fabric to provision VXC’s to other cloud service providers, as shown in the diagram we are able to help your enterprise create fast connections to all major cloud providers.

Whether your utilizing our co-location services or our infrastructure as a service we can assist to enable you enterprise to connect and use other cloud services outside of our network.

We believe that the use of cloud should hold no limitations or boundaries as a service provider, using the “As a Service” motto we allow you to connect and use a multitude of cloud services and providers as your enterprise needs.