Desktop as a Service


Make you workforce mobile with desktops that can be accessed within the cloud, we provide you with a secure and reliable Desktop as a Service infrastructure that also has all the core applications that your workforce needs to be able to complete their work anywhere using a PC, and/or tablet device.


Desktop as a Service, or DaaS, are virtual machine desktop systems that offer the computing power of a physical desktop without the hassle associated with its maintenance and costs. In short, DaaS is a simple, secure and centralised version of what you get on a typical desktop/laptop that you can access via the Internet.

Australian Data Centres

Our Desktop as a Service is 100% based in Tier 3, Australian data centres.


99.95% Up-time Guaranteed

We guarantee a 99.95% up-time of our services and we offer money back credit if we do not meet our Service Level Agreements.


VMware Horizon Desktops

We’re Professional Solution partners with industry leaders, VMware. We work directly with them to build and engineer a Desktop as a Service solution that surpasses its competition.


Customised Desktops

Unlike most DaaS providers we provide no restrictions around our Hosted Desktops. You are given the control to configure the desktops exactly as required to accommodate your needs.


You choose your Operating System

Choose from a VDI (Full Desktop), Shared/Session Based Desktops or simply publish an application, or mix and match the above to design the perfect Desktop as a Service solution. Through our Enterprise Portal you’re able to deploy exactly what you need and only pay for what you use.