Backup & Recovery as a Service

Full System backups with fast recovery options, we use leading industry software vendors to backup both physical and virtual machines and replicate the images to a secure off-site repository. In the event of a disaster we can recover your systems to a certain point of time within minutes.

Backup management is a stressful and time-consuming function for every business. As a Backup as a Service provider we remove the day-to-day struggle of this responsibility, giving you the freedom to focus on your core business. We will transform your current backup procedure into a secure, reliable, fully accessible managed service environment which is housed all within Australian Data Centres guaranteed.


SPX quickly and efficiently creates sector-level backup images of Windows or Linux systems, including the operating system, applications, services, configuration settings, and data volumes. For Linux systems, a StorageCraft-built snapshot driver ensures you swiftly get a solid backup every time. For Windows systems, we leverage Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) to ensure solid backups, and our proprietary snapshot driver StorageCraft Volume Snapshot Manager (VSM) makes sure those backups happen fast.

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Extending Backup to the Cloud

Everyone needs a place to store their backups off site. But many organizations don’t have a second site, and rotating tapes or removable media off site is cumbersome. Increasingly, customers are turning to the cloud as a better alternative.

With Veaam Cloud connect we can not only store your backups in a secure off-site repository, we can recover your systems within minutes should a disaster occur.

How It Works

Veeam Cloud Connect integrates hosted backup repositories (called cloud repositories) directly into the Veeam backup console:

  • As a customer simply click “Add Service Provider” and enter the credentials you’ve given by Otilas.
  • Your cloud repositories will appear in your backup infrastructure.

That’s it! There’s no VPN, no separate console, and cloud repositories work like other backup repositories – except they’re available even if the primary backup or data center is lost.


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